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The Benefits Of Conscious Breathing Techniques

If the fact alone that not breathing for a couple of minutes can destroy the brain’s ability to process incoming information forever, imagine the opposite effect of deep breathing.

Conscious breathing is a practice that comes with a lot of health benefits. Specialized health centers provide this service as natural health care without drugs or surgery, focusing on every patient’s needs and goals.

Three Advantages Of Conscious Breathing

Being conscious of how we breathe makes a huge difference compared to our unconscious breathing. Unconscious breathing helps us achieve its only goal, which is to keep us alive. In contrast, conscious breathing allows us to be in control of our bodies and potentially improve our health.

Diving deep into this topic, you’ll find out the countless benefits this can bring you. Let’s start with three benefits conscious breathing does for you.

Boost Your Energy

There are breathing exercises that help us boost our energy. When you wake up drained out or are experiencing an afternoon slump, try following specific breathing techniques instead of reaching for an extra cup of coffee. Proper deep breathing balances the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in our blood.

Greater Sex Life

Lower stress increases sex drive. Through conscious breathing, the parasympathetic system is activated, and blood vessels accelerate blood flow, allowing both women and men genital parts to stimulate. Improve your bedroom experience with some mindful breathing.

Cleared and Relaxed Brain

Under certain circumstances, our brain is overloaded with information and emotions. When you find yourself unable to stabilize, breathing is all you need to calm down and feel relaxed. To make decisions, we need to have a clear mind, and breathing can make the difference from taking a rushed decision to a reasonable one.

Learn Breathing Therapy At Cascade Health Center

At Cascade Health Center, we’re a multidisciplinary center in Eugene, OR. All our treatments go in hand with breathing techniques to help you enhance your health and well-being.

Through mindful breathing, you can achieve countless health benefits, such as reducing heart rate, controlling and managing pain, improving your sleep, boosting concentration and focus, and more.


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