How an Auto Injury Chiropractor in Eugene, Oregon, Reduces Pain

Cascade Health Center

An auto accident causes significant pain to anyone involved in it. When an accident occurs, the body moves forward and backward rapidly. It does not take much for this to happen. However, when it does, even in a smaller rear-ending type of incident, the individual’s spine is moved rapidly. This causes it to shift and to no longer be aligned properly. Running through the spine and from it are nerves. Each of these will send a pain signal to the brain about anything touching or inflaming it. An accident like this causes this type of pain. But, with the help of an auto injury chiropractor in Eugene, Oregon, it is possible to see much of this pain dissipate.

How Does it Happen?

When you visit an auto injury chiropractor in Eugene, Oregon, he or she will complete a full examination. This should include X-rays. Then, using this information, the chiropractor can pinpoint areas of subluxation. These are areas where there is inflammation or compaction of the spinal column causing nerve pain. Once found, the chiropractor then applies the proper treatment to the area.

There are several types of treatment. However, the most important for most people is adjustment. Chiropractic adjustments involve precise movements of the spine to improve alignment. The problem is ensuring the pressure comes off the nerve so the pain stops.

When you see your auto injury chiropractor in Eugene, Oregon, he or she will recommend treatment to help reduce pain and fix the underlying cause of this pain. This may include massage therapy or treatment to reduce inflammation as well. At each appointment, you may feel the pain is dissipating quickly, and you may be able to do more with more range of motion. Contact Cascade Health Center for more details, especially if you need an auto-injury chiropractor.

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